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I wanted to say my piece about the tom milsom situation, and it didn’t feel appropriate for me to do that on instagram, which is why I’m back here.

I, like the rest his fans and friends, am extremely upset and disappointed. I look(ed) up to Tom as a huge inspiration. It seemed to me that he embodied qualities of a person that would be amazing to know. He (or from the way he portrayed himself), seemed like an extremely talented, intelligent, good-looking and eloquent musician, youtuber and person. Although I may have heard of Tom around the time he would have been with Olga, I wasn’t a fan, didn’t watch his videos and therefore can’t comment on the way he portrayed his relationship to Olga at the time.

It’s strange because for about the past 3 weeks I’ve been watching all of his videos and obsessingly listening to his music and finding out about his life via twitter. And now this.

But I don’t want people to feel sorry him. People should be comforting Olga, and for the most part they are.

I feel like I can’t fully comment until Tom has released a statement, because however horrible this is, and I don’t believe Olga would have made these accusations, there are two sides to every story.

I think DFTBA have done the right thing, taking his music off their website, and SiTC taking him off the line-up. I also applaud John and Hank, Dean Dobbs, Liam Dryden and Mickeleh for commenting on the situation, and think that is a strong thing for them to do.

To conclude for the time being; Olga is so brave so speaking up, I’m still waiting for Tom’s statement, but if it ruins his career (music, YouTube and otherwise) it is his own doing and he shouldn’t be felt sorry for.

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But, but, but…

I’m seeing Paramore tonight! It’ll be the fourth time I’m seeing them (the second at this venue), but the first time I’ve seen them since Zac and Josh left :(. 

So I guess I will be comparing somewhat to how they were pre-‘disagreement’.

I’ve seen Hayley with blonde hair, pink hair and orange hair, so I hoped it might be different tonight, but I think it’s still orange. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s still orange.

Anyway, I’m sosososossosossooooooooooooo excited :3. 

And I will be writing a live review and probably an album review in conjunction with a new project I’m going to be setting up :))))/


Long time, no see guys, I know, I know

I’m going to write a proper post to explain things, but just to let you know at the moment I’m not coming back for good anytime soon.

Hope you’re all okay :)


I miss you tumblr

But I just came back to check a couple of things, and then I had to reblog a couple of posts, and now I’m disappearing again :(






No. You do not do this. You do not tweet the cast of ‘Glee’ telling them that you are glad Cory is dead. You do not tweet at Lea telling her that you’re praising her fiancés passing. This is not the ‘Lord’s’ work. This is senseless hate in its truest form. These people make me sick to my stomach. There has to be something seriously wrong if these can’t comprehend that what Cory was speeding was a message of love and acceptance. This is not okay. This should not be tolerated.

This is fucking disgusting. The Westboro Baptist Church are the lowest form of scum ever.


I just want to crawl into a corner and cry now. Today was the worst.

This is terrible.

I just wanted to write a little message, guys.

I don’t really want to use tumblr at the moment, for several reasons, which I don’t want to go into. I have therefore deleted the tumblr app on my iPad, which was where I go on tumblr the majority of the time.

I might post infrequently for the next few weeks, and then I’ll probably start using it more frequently again. So I’m not leaving you guys. So, if you have my Facebook (I know only a few do), but I also contribute to Nerdfighter and Spoonie pages on Facebook, so you can send me a message from there :)


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